Crowns for teeth restoration
The standard restoration for a tooth with damage that can no longer be repaired that is broken, discolored, badly shaped or has too much decay for a dental filling is a dental crown that completely covers the prepared tooth. The crown is fitted over the original tooth after any decay has been removed. Flat Rate Dental specializes in crowns and will give you a beautiful restoration that will look, feel and look like your natural teeth.

We offer the latest technology in crowns
Space age technology has revolutionized the modern cosmetic crown. State-of-the-art materials and manufacturing techniques now provide new metal-free, all-ceramic crowns that are so life-like, only your dentist will know. In addition, to their dramatically improved aesthetics, not all ceramic crowns match or exceed the strength of traditional restorations. They also eliminate sensitivity to heat and cold as well as allergic reactions.


Full Porcelain Crown
Porcelain crowns made in a nearby dental lab is attractive, strong, stable, and highly resistant to wear. It offers a high level of biocompatibility because it does not contain metal.
A porcelain crown provides the best natural color match to the rest of your teeth and is an excellent choice for front teeth. The aesthetic quality of a porcelain crown is your best option for a crown. Some offices will suggest a Cerec crown, but we do not advise this in-office option as the crown is not as strong and typically does not last as long.